Ennerdale and Kinniside Parish Council
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Parish Council Meeting Dates

Parish Council meetings are noramlly held in St Mary's Community Centre, Ennerdale, and begin at 7:00pm. Currently meetings are beingheld using the Zoom Platform.  To join a meeting please contact the clerk for log in details. Dates for future meetings 2020/21: 8th July 2020 9th September 2020 11th November 2020 20th January 2021 10th March 2021 12th May 2021 (Meeting Annual Parish Meeting and AGM) Annual Parish Meeting TBC - between 1 March and 1 June 2021  Members of the public are welcome to attend these meetings, and we would like to hear any issues you would care to raise. Public participation is always early on the agenda, and if you would like to notify the council in advance, please contact the Clerk, Susan Denham-Smith